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Pascal Piller

REACH services

We offer complete REACH regulatory services – from an initial assessment of your obligations to keeping your registration up-to date!

  • Determination of REACH obligations
  • Development of a REACH strategy
  • Data gap analysis for individual substances
  • Study conduct and monitoring
  • Chemical hazard and safety assessment
  • Compilation of a REACH dossier
  • Registration

We rely on our know-how as well as on our network of experts and laboratories. Whatever your needs, we provide a tailor-made solution that satisfies your requirements, combing quality and efficiency.

Having successfully mastered the first two deadlines, we are well prepared for the challenges of the 2018 deadline. By May 2018 registrants producing or importing substances in an amount between 1 and 100 tons/year have to submit their registration dossier.

For substances with less than 10 tons/year a basic data set is required. Besides the usual suite of physico-chemical properties, the toxicological information requirements (acute (oral) toxicity, skin corrosion/irritation, eye irritation/damage, skin sensitisation and mutagenicity) and the environmental/ecotoxicological information requirements (acute invertebrate toxicity, algae toxicity, ready biodegradation) are limited. With the expection of the acute toxicity, all requirements can be met with non-animal tests.

For substance in the tonnage band from 10-100 tons/year, the additional requirements are substantial.


Information requirements


ANNEX VII (1-10 tons/year)

ANNEX VIII (10-100 tons/year)

Physico-chemical properties

Melting/Boiling point
Vapour pressure
Water solubility
Octanol-water partition coefficient
Flash point
Oxidising properties


Environmental fate

Ready biodegradability

ANNEX VII requirements +
Adsorption- / Desorption-Screening


Acute toxicity to invertebrates
Toxicity to algae

ANNEX VII requirements +
Acute fish toxicity
Toxicity to miucroorganisms


Acute (oral) toxicity
Skin irritation/corrosion
Eye irritation/damage
Skin Sensitisation
Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames)

ANNEX VII requirements +
Acute toxicity (dermal or inhalation)
In-vitro-Cytogenitätstest an Säugerzellen
In-vitro-Genmutationstest an Säugerzellen
Subacute toxicity
Reprocuktions/developmental toxicity(Screening-Test)


Risk assessment

- (no requirements)

Chemical Safety Assessment and Report

We prepare your registration dossier covering all various tasks:

Additional REACH services: