REACH & Chemicals

We offer complete REACH Regulatory Services – from an initial Assessment of your Obligations to keeping your Registration up-to date!

  • REACH Consulting / REACH Advice
  • REACH Impact Analysis
  • REACH Conformity Assessment / REACH Audit / REACH Compliance Service
  • REACH Registration / REACH Approval / Compilation of REACH Registration Dossier
  • REACH Data Gap Analysis
  • REACH Test Strategy (Development of an optimal REACH Testing Strategy)
  • REACH Toxicological Advice / REACH Regulatory Toxicology with in-house toxicologists
  • REACH Read Across / REACH QSAR
  • REACH Laboratory Management (Complete REACH Test- and Laboratory Service – more than 80 Laboratories in the Network) / Complete REACH Testing Service
  • REACH Chemical Safety Report (REACH Chemical Safety Report = CSR)
  • REACH Risk Assessment
  • REACH Chemical Hazard- and Safety Assessment
  • REACH Registrations of new Substances
  • REACH Data Entry in IUCLID 6 / Preparation of REACH Study Summaries
  • REACH PPORD (Product and Process Oriented Research and Development)
  • REACH MSDS (Creation and updating of REACH Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • REACH Project Management and REACH Study Monitoring
  • REACH SVHC Screening and Testing (Product Testing for contained SVHC Substances)
  • REACH in vitro- / in vivo Tests and Studies under GLP
  • REACH Outsourcing Service (Takeover and Outsourcing Partner of all REACH Tasks and Activities within a Company)


Dear REACH customer,

we offer you a complete REACH Service from A-Z.

From the development of an ideal test strategy to laboratory- and project coordination, study monitoring, toxicological expertise and GLP inspections in the cooperation laboratories. We deliver the finalized test reports including the registration dossier in IUCLID 6 format – digitally and on paper, worldwide.

We rely on our know-how as well as on our network of experts and laboratories. Whatever your needs, we provide a tailor-made solution that satisfies your requirements, combining quality and efficiency.

Benefit from our experienced cooperation partners and an international, very well organized network: carefully selected experts, toxicologists and more than 80 accredited test laboratories and service providers with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH puts together the right competence team for every project according to your requirements and needs. We know the laboratories as well as the specialists and commission those who are best suited for each individual service. This enables us to guarantee the high quality of the results.


For substances with less than 10 tons/year a basic data set is required. Besides the usual suite of physico-chemical properties, the toxicological information requirements (acute (oral) toxicity, skin corrosion/irritation, eye irritation/damage, skin sensitisation and mutagenicity) and the environmental/ecotoxicological information requirements (acute invertebrate toxicity, algae toxicity, ready biodegradation) are limited. With the expection of the acute toxicity, all requirements can be met with non-animal tests.

For substance in the tonnage band from 10-100 tons/year, the additional requirements are substantial.


We prepare your Registration Dossier covering all various Tasks:

  • Appropriate analytical Description of Substances
  • Classification & Labelling
  • PBT/vPvB Assessment
  • Description of Uses
  • (Robust) Study Summaries
  • Waiving/Read-Across/Weight-of-Evidence / Expert Statements
  • DNEL and PNEC Derivation
  • Exposure Assessment with appropriate Risk Management Measures
  • Scaling


Additional REACH services:

  • Updating of Registration Dossier, e.g. Tonnage updates or spontaneous updates
  • Compilation of extended Material Safety Data Sheets (eSDS)
  • Communication in SIEFs and with Co-Registrants
  • Communication with ECHA and Member States
  • Filing of Appeals (in Collaboration with experienced Lawyers)
  • Communication with Down-stream Users


We would also be happy to be your REACH service provider, who reliably looks after your REACH projects, just as we already do for many other satisfied customers.

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